Week 7: Long Meter


Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life

Text: Frank Mason North (1850–1935), 1903

Tune: William Gardiner (1770–1853), 1815

  1. How well do you think North’s text meets its goal of encouraging urban missions (consider both the early 1900’s and today)? Are there any parts of the hymn that are more broadly applicable outside of a city environment?

Just As I Am

Text: Charlotte Elliott (1789–1871), 1840

Tune: George Job Elvey (1816–1893), 1862

  1. Compared to the deeply personal hymns of Anne Steele and William Cowper, who also led troubled lives, this text seems almost impersonal and generic. Why do you think this hymn has remained so popular when many others have faded? What insights or lessons does it teach?


  1. Consider what coming to Christ “just as you are” means when applied to your own spiritual journey (this may differ from Elliott’s perspective). As a group, use these ideas to write an additional verse for “Just As I Am”, following the existing pattern of the text.