Week 12: Writing I


How Firm A Foundation

Text: Anonymous, 1787

Tune: Anonymous, 1832

  1. Fittingly for a hymn about scripture, the text quotes a number of bible verses off the bat, including Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 43:2, Deuteronomy 31:6, and Hebrews 13:5. How closely does the hymn text follow these passages?

  2. What rhetorical devices do you see used in the text that help keep it strong and memorable?


  1. As a class, brainstorm potential topics to use in writing a hymn together. Consider the following questions to generate ideas:

    • What advice would you give to a new Christian, from experience in your own faith journey?
    • What unique challenges does the church face today (both locally and globally)?
    • What lessons or ideas do you think are often underappreciated by other Christians?
    • What occasions or themes does the church currently lack quality music for?