Week 15: Writing IV


Blest Be the Dear Uniting Love

Text: Charles Wesley (1707–1788), 1742

Tune: William Henry Havergal (1823–1876), 1847

  1. The original fourth verse, omitted in the United Methodist Hymnal, reads:

    Closer and closer, let us cleave
    to his belov’d embrace;
    expect his fullness to receive,
    and grace to answer grace.

    How do you interpret this phrase “grace to answer grace”? Does this stanza fit with the rest of the hymn, or were the editors right to exclude it?


  1. Write a third hymn verse about individual growth as a Christian. Earlier brainstorms mentioned learning patience, listening for God’s direction, and focusing on giving to the church rather than on what you “get” from it. Start with this line: “O Christian seeker, child of God…”